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Top reasons to eat fermented food

Kimchi a traditional fermented food originating from Korea

Fermented food and beverages such as kefir, kombucha, kimchi, yoghurt, sauerkraut and other cultured vegetables are packed full of probiotics (beneficial bacteria and yeast) supplied by nature. Read about the benefits of probiotics here.

Fermented food contains a rich and diverse range of probiotic strains.

The probiotics are live and active. They start working straight away.

The probiotics in fermented food are more likely to survive harsh stomach acid in order to get to your intestines to populate your gut.

Fermentation increases the nutrient value of the food. (For example: The vitamin C content in cabbage can increase from around 30 mg per cup to around 700mg per cup.)

The enzymes in fermented food are still intact and help your body to break down the food, promoting better digestion and absorption of the nutrients.

Fermentation does not use heat. Any vital amino acids are retained.

Fermented food is also a prebiotic (food for your probiotics that encourages their growth – like padkos for the microbes).