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What is Water Kefir?

Water Kefir

Water kefir is a natural probiotic supplement beverage.

Water kefir is made by fermenting sugar water using water kefir grains and then adding natural flavours (such as a fruit juice or ginger root) in a second ferment.

Water kefir grains contain no actual grains but are actually a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. Read probiotics found in water kefir. The microbes feed off the sugar (glucose) to produce lactic acid, alcohol (ethanol-most sources give a guideline of less than 1%) and carbon dioxide gas which gives water kefir a natural carbonation.

The sugar (sucrose) is broken down into glucose and fructose by the microbes. The glucose is consumed leaving the fructose which gives water kefir the sweet taste. The levels of fructose are said to be very low in comparison to fruit juices and sodas. Fructose is metabolised by the liver and should not spike your blood sugar levels.

Water kefir is also known as Tibicos, sugar kefir grains, Japanese water crystals and California bees, and in older literature as bébées, African bees, ale nuts, Australian bees, balm of Gilead, beer seeds, beer plant, bees, ginger bees, Japanese beer seeds and vinegar bees.

Why Water Kefir?

  • It is an easy cultured food to add to your diet as it is slightly sweet and bubbly. It has a milder flavour than other fermented beverages.
  • The bacteria eat the sugars out of the juice, create probiotics and unlock additional vitamins and minerals.
  • There are no chemicals or artificial ingredients in water kefir.
  • If you cannot tolerate dairy or you find the milk kefir too sour for your palate, then water kefir is a great option
  • .Water kefir is a healthier alternative to sugary juices and sodas.
  • Water kefir can be used as a liquid base for smoothies.
  • You can make slushies and ice lollies for the kids and even use it in salad dressings.