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Water Kefir FAQ

Water kefir grains or cultures and raisins

What sugar can I use?

White refined sugar, brown sugar. Organic is preferable but if you are unable to obtain organic then don’t stress. Use regular sugar. A mix of refined white sugar and brown sugar seems to work well.

Does water kefir contain dairy?

No, it does not. Water kefir ferments a sugar water solution. Water kefir is an alternative for those unable to consume milk kefir due to their dairy allergy or intolerance.

Does water kefir contain gluten?

Nope, no need to worry about being glutened by water kefir.

How long will the water kefir cultures last?

Forever if you look after them and feed them nicely.

What happens if I go away?

Put a lid on your jar and pop them in the fridge. On your return put them in a fresh batch of sugar water solution with a teaspoon of lemon juice and place them back on the counter. They should be back up to speed within a few days, at least after about 2 new fresh sugar water solutions or feedings.