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How to make Water Kefir

How to make water kefir with live re-usable kefir grains

Learn how to make water kefir with our instructions below:

The water kefir grain cultures require fresh sugar water solution approximately every 24-48 hours. The culture time will depend on the amount of grains you have in a jar, the air temperature, and of course your preferred taste. The longer the water is cultured, the less sweet and more fermented it becomes. In summer it is usually a 24 hour ferment and winter about 36 hours.

It may take a few days to get to know your cultures and find your rhythm.

Feeding your water kefir grains:

To feed your water kefir grains you will need to transfer them into a fresh supply of sugar water solution. The ratio of water kefir grains to sugar water solution is about 1/4 cup water kefir grains to 950mls sugar water solution. The quantity of sugar dissolved in the water is a 1/4 cup.

The grains will gradually multiply, so you will need to adjust the amount of sugar water solution and the size of the glass container accordingly or alternatively take out the excess grains and discard or place in a second jar of sugar water solution.

Equipment you will need:

A 1 litre glass jar
A plastic sieve
An elastic band
A coffee filter

Ingredients you will need:

1/4 cup water kefir cultures (You can purchase these from one of our distributors)
1/4 cup sugarĀ (A mix of 1 tbsp brown cane sugar and the rest white cane sugar. Organic cane sugar is preferable but if you cannot obtain it, not to worry they will do fine on non organic)
950mls of filtered water (Filtered, distilled, spring or mineral water)
A heat proof glass jug

Water kefir instructions:

Measure out your sugar into your glass jug.
Boil some water and pour enough onto the sugar to dissolve it.
Top up with cold water until you have 950mls of sugar water solution.
Allow to cool to room temperature.
Once cool pour into your 1 litre glass jar.
Separate the water kefir grains from their fermented water by straining them through a plastic strainer or if you have purchased dried water kefir cultures then read our instructions on how to rehydrate your cultures.
Gently tip the water kefir grains out of the strainer into the new sugar water solution.
Cover the opening of the jar with a coffee filter and secure with an elastic band.
Place in a warm quiet spot out of direct sunlight and allow to stand for 24-48 hours until the ferment is complete.

You can flavour the completed fermented sugar water solution with fresh fruit, fruit juice, ginger and tea. Cover with a lid and allow to stand for another 24 hours. Strain out the fruit/ginger/tea and pour into a bottle. Consume or screw on the lid and pop in the fridge to chill.

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