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Milk Kefir Recipes – Recipes using Milk Kefir

Need ideas on what to do with surplus milk kefir? Milk kefir is so versatile. Have a look at our milk kefir recipes and ideas on what to do with kefir for inspiration!

Beetroot berry and banana milk kefir smoothieBeetroot, berry and banana milk kefir smoothie

A powerful combo of nutrients that are liver and kidney cleansing, energy and brain boosting and rich in antioxidants. Nutritious and delicious.

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Gluten free buckwheat pancakes soaked overnight in milk kefirHealthy buckwheat pancakes

A light and fluffy gluten free pancake with chia seeds.

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Tropical kefir smoothieTropical mango pineapple kefir smoothie

A tropical vitamin and mineral rich treat with a hint of cinnamon and coconut. 

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Rolled oats pancakes recipeSoaked overnight rolled oats pancakes

It is oat so easy to make a pancake batter with rolled oats by soaking them overnight in milk kefir.

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Milk Kefir CheeseMilk kefir cream cheese

Make and flavour your very own cheese.

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Kefir Wheykefir-whey

How to separate the protein rich whey from your milk kefir.




Coconut Milk Kefircoconut-kefir

Ferment coconut milk and flavour it with these delicious recipes.




Creamy Oyster Mushroomsrecipe-oyster-mushrooms-sml

Pan fried oyster mushrooms in a creamy milk kefir sauce.




Kefir Whey Vinaigrettemilk-kefir-whey-vinaigrette

A delicious, tangy probiotic salad dressing.