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Raw Milk Kefir – 375ml – Mango, Cinnamon and Turmeric

A tangy and probiotic rich milk beverage smoothie with real mango, cinnamon and turmeric.


Delicious to drink as it comes or power up your breakfast bowl with probiotics. Feel the benefits of the probiotics.


Additional serving suggestions: Add to your overnight oats or make up a probiotic parfait.



Raw Jersey Cow Milk (with A2 beta-casein protein) fermented with milk kefir cultures.
Mango (Real raw mango)
Cinnamon Powder (Non-irradiated)
Turmeric Powder (Non-irradiated)

That’s it. No additives, just 4 real, whole food ingredients!

You can purchase Healthy Cultures Raw Milk Kefir Mango Smoothie from:

Earth Mother Organic (Glenwood) – Tel: 031 202 1527

Or order from:

Fresh Organics Online at
Zucchini and Zest (Westville) Order online at:
The Healthy Store (Umhlanga) – Tel: 031 561 1709

Prefer to make your own milk kefir at home? Take a look at Healthy Cultures Genuine live Milk Kefir Cultures and Starter Kit.


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