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Dehydrated Water Kefir Cultures

Use these genuine re-useable water kefir cultures (grains) to make your own naturally fizzy and probiotic rich fermented water kefir soda at home.

Feel the benefits of home grown probiotics.




1/2 tbsp of water kefir cultures (also known as grains). Makes 1/4 cup once hydrated.
1/4 cup hydrated water kefir cultures will make 950mls of water kefir every 24 hours in Summer and around 36 to 48 hours in winter depending on your air temperature.
Quick start instructions (For our full instructions on rehydrating your water kefir cultures click here)


You will need to provide your own equipment as these cultures are packaged in a 125ml jar and need to be rehydrated in a 1 litre jar and strained using a plastic sieve.

Once hydrated these water kefir cultures can be re-used for as long as you care for them adequately.


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